Frontend + Backend != Fullstack

Frontend + Backend != Fullstack

8 must have skills for full-stack web developers

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Full-stack roles require a lot more skills than Frontend or Backend combined. A Full Stack Developer is associated with the creation of an application from its start to finish.

Apart from frontend and backend technologies, there are certain skills and personality traits that can help you succeed.

Here are 5 additional skills recommended for full-stack web development.

Know your IDE

IDE (Integrated Development Environments) like Vscode enable faster development. It saves you tons of time that you can spend on planning and other stuff.

Advantages of knowing your IDE better:

  1. Faster, easier and efficient development.
  2. Formatting and clean code. (Preetier)
  3. Collaborate remotely with others. (Live share)
  4. Shortcuts and automation.
  5. Better organization of projects. (Workspaces)
  6. Easy Refactoring, Version Control, Debugging and Linting.

Linux command line

Having some knowledge of Linux is beneficial, even if it is not a requirement. It is not necessarily easy or hard to learn. By organizing items on the back end, Linux makes the job easier and saves time.


Data Structures and Algorithms

Data structures are different ways of storing data, while an algorithm is a generic approach methodology to solve a problem or requirement.

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Reasons to learn DSA as a developer:

  1. Cracking the top product-based company interviews.
  2. Ensure that your code is clean and optimized.
  3. Solve Real-World Complex Problems

These concepts should be familiar to every programmer. The more intuitive you are about these, the easier it will be to solve problems or add requirements.

The impacts are felt in efficiency, scalability and performance of an application. As a full stack developer, this one skill will help you immensely.

Basics of DevOps

It can be used to accelerate cycles of development, thereby releasing new products and services to the market more quickly.

Here's how DevOps can change your career as a developer:

  1. Automation
  2. Take care with dependencies
  3. Decrease in rollbacks

Design Fundamentals and Figma

Learning the basics of design can be very fruitful as a developer. Who could be more powerful than a developer who can design.

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Reasons why a developer should learn basics of design:

  1. Control over the look and feel of the product.
  2. Improves creativity.
  3. A lot of time is saved.
  4. Stand out in the crowd.
  5. Design and development work hand in hand.

Git and Github

Being the most popular distributed version control system, Git is used to track, modify and revert changes in your project.

Github allows your work to get out in front of the public.

Benfits of using Github:

  1. Save your code online
  2. Collaborate with others
  3. Showcase your work
  4. Contribute to other projects
  5. Get feedback on your projects

Networking Basics (HTTP/TCP)

The majority of us learn to code our first website with easy and opinionated frameworks. You are isolated from all the complexities as a beginner, and can therefore focus on your application more easily.

However, it also leads to shallow learning. If you only think about urls, hyperlinks, routes, and controllers, you can easily develop entire websites. But at a point in life, you need to have a deep knowledge of HTTP, SSH, SMTP, TCP, etc as internet is highly dependent on these technologies.

Communication Skills

Communication skill is a core part of software engineering. It comes into play when writing documentation for frameworks and libraries, sending emails, slack messages to coworkers, or personal branding on social media.

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Benefits of effective communication skills:

  1. Improves collaboration
  2. Improves Client Management
  3. Enhances Leadership and Mentorship
  4. Enables Conflict Resolution
  5. More opportunities

Ending Note

Learning these technologies is definitely overwhelming as a beginner. Just keep progressing, things will fall into place.

Thanks for reading!

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