5 Precious Tips for demotivated Self Learners

5 Precious Tips for demotivated Self Learners

Jul 1, 2021·

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Programming is not difficult. But this statement doesn't hold for everybody, especially for self-learners. Some people find it very hard to grasp the basics and feel like coding is not for them. Here are some practical tips to find your permanent interest and motivation in programming.

Find your Purpose

The root cause of demotivation is the lack of purpose in most cases. Programming has never been for fun. It is a tool to build something useful and value-adding. A programmer needs to go through a lot of tussles to build something which feels very general. Your purpose may include:-

  1. I feel delighted when I create something by myself.
  2. I enjoy working with computers.
  3. Want to work in a Multinational.
  4. I will build the next Google or Facebook!
  5. Just love solving problems.
  6. And many more...

Find your purpose. It will help. For me, I enjoy building something from scratch especially UIs.

Prefer Books over Videos

Most programming books are detailed and beginner-friendly. They teach you more than just a language. But don't try to grab it all at once. You won't be using every syntax and tool mentioned in the book at once.

Try getting an overview on your first read and try to find out the basics which can get you started with some project.

Project-based Learning

What is the purpose of learning if you can't apply it to solve some problem? There is an ocean of knowledge out there. You don't need every drop of this ocean. A better way of learning programming is to keep a project in mind. Explore the technologies you need for that project and once the project is complete, dig deeper into those technologies.

Start with a simple static website to learn HTML and CSS, a web app to learn Javascript, a simple code editor to learn python (GUI), etc.

Find new project ideas

New ideas come to your mind when it is free to wander. Staying away from the screen when you are not coding, going for a long walk, and spending quality time alone can help discover new project ideas that in turn will give you a purpose and long-term motivation.

Getting an overview of other disciplines like finance, content-creation, market analysis, outdoor games, etc can also open new doors for you.

Avoid too much competition

Competition, by its very nature, means that there will be winners and losers. It's all good and fine when you are the winner but once you are labeled as a loser, you start doubting your skills forgetting all your achievements. Sometimes, instead of competing, focus more on learning and building. In this way are competent even without competing.

Try UI/UX (Bonus Tip)

If you firmly believe that coding is not for you, it may indicate that you are terrible at logic but good at design (you're an artist!). Well, this industry offers a lot more than just coding jobs. Try Figma or Adobe XD for few days and you can find other career options. Do some research on it.

I hope these tips will help you find the root cause of self-doubt and demotivation. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn to share your thoughts.

Happy Coding!

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